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Fatal Tower Crane Incident


Chicago, Illinois

A man died yesterday in Chicago after he was crushed by a descending climbing frame, half way up a tower crane.

The man, 45, was around 20 meters up the crane’s tower on a rest platform when, according to local reports, he was crushed by an ‘elevator’ as he leaned out from the tower. Looking at the photographs it is almost certain that was in fact a climbing frame that was being lowered at the time and that he got caught between tower and frame.

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Emergency services rescue the stricken man

Co-workers managed the free the man from the frame and gave him CPR, until the emergency services arrived. They worked on him for a while, before using a fire rescue platform to take him to the ground. He was declared dead on arrival at the hospital. The crane is owned by Central Crane, part of the All group, while the general contractor Leopardo Companies.

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