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Crane Drops Boat


Auckland, New Zealand

A three axle All Terrain crane overturned in Auckland, New Zealand this morning dropping the boat it was lifting onto a house.

No one was seriously hurt in the incident, although the crane operator was treated in hospital for what was said to be a minor leg injury.

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The scene after the accident

The 55 ton Grove GMK3055, owned by Auckland Cranes, was lifting the boat from or onto a truck when the it was said to have been caught by a gust of wind. The crane was pulled and some cribbing collapsed with the crane, with the boat landing on the neighbour’s house, which was occupied at the time. In fact the boom crashed through the roof into a bedroom narrowly missing the person inside.

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One of the outriggers slipped off the cribbing and punched through the ground, possibly after it started to tip?

The incident occurred in Albany, a North shore suburb of the city. Worksafe New Zealand is scheduled to investigate.

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