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Two Cranes Fall in Switzerland



Two cranes – a mobile and a tower crane – overturned this morning in a residential area in Switzerland.

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The falling crane also damaged surrounding buildings

The incident occurred early this morning when it appears that a six axle All Terrain crane owned by Welti-Furrer began dismantling a regular top slewing tower crane, that had been working on a new building in the town of Affoltern am Albis, to the south west of Zurich. The contractor in the job is Leuthard, we understand that two men on site received ‘moderate injuries’.

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The tower crane went over backwards and pulled the mobile with it

At this stage we only have a little input from the scene, but it seems that the mobile crane was removing the tower crane’s jib before the back mast counterweight causing the crane, which was erected on a counter-weighted base to become back-heavy. It then went over, pulling the mobile with it.

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The tower crane had a counter-weighted base

Serious damage was caused to two vehicles on the ground, including a truck, and 24 residents of a nearby retirement home were evacuated to another part of the home for safety reasons.

An investigation has begun led by the Canton of Zurich and the Limmat Valley police.

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The damage to both cranes is severe

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