Crane Accidents

Driver’s Actions Save His Life


Zell am See, Austria

The driver of a truck and loader crane sat tight in his cab after pulling down high tension power lines in Zell am See, Austria, on Friday.

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The truck’s tires catch fire

The loader crane was not stowed and was left over the top of a piece of equipment on the back of the truck. As the truck passed over a railway level-crossing the top of the crane caught up on the 15,000 volt power lines above the tracks. The truck’s tires caught fire as the power hit them, but the driver, 67, had the knowledge to calmly stay in his cab until the power was cut off.

The fire department arrived quickly, organised for the power to be cut and took around half an hour to put out the fire and make sure that no residual current remained – the driver then finally left the cab. He was taken to hospital for a precautionary check-up.

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The fire is extinguished and its almost ready for the drive to get out of the cab

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