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Crane Fatality in Leipzig


Leipzig, Germany

A man died yesterday in Leipzig when a mobile crane overturned onto a building in the city, striking the construction worker, 56, who was standing on a scaffold at the rear of the building that the crane was working on. He is said to have died immediately.

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The upturned crane had a partial counterweight and short-rigged rear outriggers

The crane, a three axle 50 ton Tadano Faun All Terrain owned by local crane and access rental company I&H, was set up with the rear outriggers partially extended – due to an excavation – with a partial counterweight installed.

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While the ground was soft the outriggers appear to have remained supportive

Locally police were blaming the soaked ground, but photographs, while showing signs that the outriggers may have sunk a little, also show they supported the upturned crane suggesting this might be an overload situation. If so, it would indicate an issue with programming the load moment indicator. The crane operator, 53, was taken to hospital and treated for shock, but has also been wanted that he might face manslaughter charges.

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The boom came down onto the walls of the new building and a scaffold

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