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Boom Lift Overturns in Nashville


Nashville Tennessee

A boom lift overturned yesterday in front of the Nashville State Community College campus, Nashville Tennessee, blocking a road and injuring a man.

Emergency services were called to treat the man who had been operating the machine at the time, we understand that he was the only person injured in the incident. At this point we do not have any details of how badly he is hurt.

The platform, a JLG straight telescopic, was working with the fully retracted boom fully elevated, when it appears to have struck a ridge, but that alone is unlikely to have caused the overturn – while our photograph does not show it, it is quite likely that it was working on a slope as well. The photograph that we have been sent suggests that the operator might have been lucky to have avoided a set of cables that look to be close to the platform – although that might a foreshortening by the camera.

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It is hard from this photo to understand what cuased the unit to overturn

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