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Another Outrigger Failing


 Fulda, Central Germany

A crane overturned in Germany on Saturday morning while unloading bulk material bags onto an empty building plot– its outriggers were fully retracted.

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The overturned crane

The crane, owned by roofing company Manfred Heurich, was working in a residential area in Künzell, near Fulda, central Germany, when the 30 ton truck crane went over. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt and the operator, 56, was blamed for not having extended the outriggers on the side he was carrying out the lift – oddly the outriggers on the opposite side – under the counterweight were partially extended.

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The boom was fully extended

The crane’s extended boom was cut off while two larger cranes called in from Wehner Kran service of Fulda, helped recover it. The police declared/confirmed that the incident was due to operator error at the scene.

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The crane is recovered, having had its boom removed

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