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Crane Topples and Crushes Truck in Boston


Boston, Massachusetts

A crane tipped over in the North End Friday morning, blocking a street and leaking fuel on the road. It happened just after 11 a.m. on Commercial Street at Jackson Avenue.

Two people were hurt – the crane operator and a woman who dove out of the way to avoid being hit.  Their injuries are not life-threatening.

Crews were called in to clean up about 200 gallons of leaking diesel and hydraulic fuel on the street.

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The crane slewed over the short rigged side before tipping

Part of the crane’s arm crushed a pickup truck and smashed through a fence.

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The Crushed Pick Up Truck

The tip of the crane landed on third base at Puopolo Field near the Mirabella Pool.

Traffic was blocked between Hanover and North Washington Streets for hours.

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The boom came down across the road and into a baseball park
Authorities were forced to cut the crane apart to remove it, because they were not able to retract it.

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