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Crushing Incident in Daytona


Daytona, Florida

A man using a scissor lift was seriously injured this weekend after he was crushed between the platform and an overhead beam at the Daytona Speedway in Florida.

The man, 43, was rescued by his colleagues using the machine’s emergency descent, before the emergency services arrived. The lift was working on the third floor of a new grandstand at the Speedway. He was rushed to hospital and was said to be in serious but stable condition.

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The incident occurred on the third floor of the new grandstand

The design and build contractor managing the project Barton Malow, issued a statement yesterday, concerning the incident which said: “Barton Malow is happy to report that the staff member involved in this incident is doing well and on his way to recovery.””Safety is the cornerstone of Barton Malow’s business and providing a safe working environment for people is our moral and ethical obligation. We execute safety as a core value and managing it on the Daytona Rising project is a top priority for the Barton Malow team. We will continue to take every measure to ensure that our staff is properly trained and committed to effectively plan, prepare, and implement the project’s on-site safety program thereby ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all our employees.”

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