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Moving a Bridge


1-585 Interstate highway,  South Carolina

A truck transporting a large boom lift struck a bridge over the 1-585 Interstate highway in South Carolina last week, moving one of the bridge decks over a meter and a half.

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The damage on the boom lift is surprising light given the impact

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The bridge deck was moved over 1.5 meters

The incident occurred last Monday near Spartanburg when a JLG Ultra Boom, owned by Ahern Rentals and transported by a private contractor, passed underneath the bridge at speed, ripping the lift off the trailer and moving the deck.

The bridge was built in 1957 and had a clearance of 13ft 10” or 4.2 metres. Thankfully no one was injured in the incident.

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The bridge was damaged beyond repair

The bridge section has now been removed and the Interstate reopened. Police said that the driver of the tractor-trailer has been charged with discharging his load on the highway.

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The truck looks as though it was from a third party hauler

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