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Close Call for Big Truck Mount


Newcastle, Australia

A 54 meter truck mounted lift lost balance near Newcastle, Australia when the ground gave way under one of its outriggers.

Fortunately the boom came to rest against the pylons of the high tension power line that it was helping to install – as far as we know no one was injured or hurt in the incident.

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The machine’s boom came to rest on the pylon

The lift, a Bronto S54XDT owned by Boom Sherrin, was set up with at least one of the outrigger jacks on fresh-filled ground and standard small outrigger mats under the jacks. The mats were clearly not of a sufficient size to cope with the loads applied by the main load bearing outrigger on such material.

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The outrigger jack sunk into the soft ground
The information that we have received is limited and we have not been able to confirm yet exactly when this incident occurred.

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