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Boom Buckles on Tree Job


 Surrey, UK

A crane called in to remove a very large Leylandi tree, that had fallen on to a house in Redhill, Surrey, UK in this week’s storms suffered a bent boom.

Boom Buckles 1-9-2014 3-00-12 PM
























The boom buckled between section four and five

The crane was working with four of its five telescoping sections fully extended while the second section was only partially extended. The bend occurred between the fourth and fifth section. Two other cranes were brought in to deal with the tree and the damaged crane. At one point a suspended man basket was used to work on the buckled crane boom.

Boom Buckles 1-9-2014 3-00-12 PM 2























A view from behind

One assumes that either the boom telescope sequence was wrong for the load, or the LMI incorrectly programmed?

Boom Buckles 1-9-2014 3-00-12 PM 3































A man basket is used to reach the damaged boom

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