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Boom Truck Overturns

Boom Truck Overturns 1-2-2014 3-42-40 PM

 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania A boom truck lifting roof trusses overturned onto a partially built house in the Plum area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, yesterday.                                   The crane was set up OK and the ground held firm Read More

Crane Overturns in Phuket

Crane Overturns in Phuket 1-9-2014 3-11-00 PM

 Phuket City, Thailand A crane overturned this morning in Phuket City, Thailand, cutting off a high voltage power line, but it is hard to see exactly what happened. The crane a 25 tonne Tadano Rough Terrain/city crane owned by Phuket Kritichai, was on tires and had its boom raised to Read More

Boom Buckles on Tree Job

Boom Buckles 1-9-2014 3-00-12 PM

 Surrey, UK A crane called in to remove a very large Leylandi tree, that had fallen on to a house in Redhill, Surrey, UK in this week’s storms suffered a bent boom.                                     Read More

Page 3 of 3123