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Fatal Boom Overturn

Fatal Boom Overturn 1-23-2014 12-57-06 PM

Phoenix, Arizona Two men died yesterday when the lift they were using to paint the outside of a prison building overturned. The incident occurred at the Lower Buckeye jail near Phoenix, Arizona, the two men are reported to be employees of Riddell Painting and Coating.  As is usual in these Read More

Truck Mount Overturn in Malaysia

Truck Mount Overturn in Penang 1-23-2014 1-29-46 PM

Georgetown, Malaysia Three students were stranded on a roof in Georgetown, Malaysia yesterday when a truck mounted lift they were using overturned and the boom coming to rest on the roof of a printing company’s premises. The platform is owned by Sin Kung Movers, which runs a fleet of around Read More

Loader Crane Overturns in UK

Crane Loader Overturns 1-23-2014 1-13-31 PM

Bath, England A loader crane overturned while lifting a generator in the city of Bath earlier today The crane – possibly a Fassi F800XP – owned by Wheeler & Son Machinery Movers of Bridgwater, Somerset was set up with outriggers down but beams fully retracted. The arrangement clearly did not Read More

What Were They Thinking?

What Were They Thninking 1-23-2014 2-05-24 PM

Werkendam, Netherland A truck driver travelling with a fully rigged lattice crawler crane on his trailer, was surprised last week in the Netherlands, when the crane boom caught up on a high tension overhead power line.                               Read More

Crane Fire

Crane Fire 1-23-2014 1-59-16 PM

 M1 Motorway in the UK A mobile crane caught fire on the M1 Motorway in the UK yesterday, blocking one lane on the northbound exit slip-road/ramp at junction 26. The photograph from the Highways Agency press release does not show what type of crane it is, and the information provided Read More

Boom Fails While Tree Trimming

Boom Fails 1-23-2014 1-38-28 PM

San Remo, Close to the Border with France A man was injured in Italy yesterday when the boom of a truck mounted lift came down from a height of around 18 meters. The incident involved a Socage DA300 series owned by Savis Platform Rentals and occurred in the Valle Armea Read More

Moving a Bridge

Moving a Bridget 1-23-2014 12-25-55 PM

1-585 Interstate highway,  South Carolina A truck transporting a large boom lift struck a bridge over the 1-585 Interstate highway in South Carolina last week, moving one of the bridge decks over a meter and a half.                           Read More

Backhoe Recovery Goes Wrong (video)

Backhoe Recover Goes Wrong

Close Call for Big Truck Mount

Close Call 1-23-2014 2-19-06 PM

Newcastle, Australia A 54 meter truck mounted lift lost balance near Newcastle, Australia when the ground gave way under one of its outriggers. Fortunately the boom came to rest against the pylons of the high tension power line that it was helping to install – as far as we know Read More

Fatal Crane Incident Chennai Metro

Fatal crane incident Chennai 1-16-2014 11-28-31 AM

 Chennai, India One man died and another was injured when a crawler crane overturned at a metro construction site in Saidapet, Chennai, India today.                                             The overturned crane The Read More

Fatal Load Drop on UK Site


Colchester, Essex A man died yesterday on a construction site at King Edward Quay near Colchester, Essex after a load reportedly dropped from a tower crane. Details are still very vague, but the main contractor for the project – a student accommodation building for the University of Essex – JR Read More

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