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Boom Truck Destroys Line of Cars

Boom Truck Destroys Cars 2-4-2014 9-21-14 AM

 Mentor, Ohio A boom truck lifting a large air conditioning unit in Mentor, Ohio yesterday overturned, with the boom coming down on to a row of parked cars.                         For some reason the crane appears to have slewed towards Read More

Crane Slips While Loading

Crane Slips 1-30-2014 12-27-19 PM

Singapore A 600 ton crawler crane slipped off a truck yesterday, while being loaded in Singapore, fortunately no one was hurt in the incident. The crane a Terex CC2800 owned and operated by local heavy lift and crane rental company Yew Choon. It had just finished work at the new Read More

Fatal Lift Incident

Fatal LIft Incident 1-30-2014 3-33-43 PM

Manchester, England A narrow tracked spider lift overturned earlier today in Stockport, near Manchester, England while travelling in the stowed position, resulting in a fatality The information that we have received is extremely limited and we have just one photograph to go on, all we know for certain is that Read More

Four Injured After Lightning Strike

Four Injured Lightening Strike 1-30-2014 3-49-36 PM

Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France Four men on a building site in France were shocked and burnt yesterday morning after a bolt of lightning hit a tower crane in Saint-Jean-de-Luz just South of Biarritz in the South West of the country. Two of the four men are seriously injured and were rushed to Read More

Self-Erector Overturn

Self Erector Overturns 1-30-2014 3-40-44 PM

 Osterhofen Bavaria. An operator dismantling a self-erecting tower crane in Germany is said to have made an error that resulted in the crane overturning at a site in Osterhofen Bavaria. Thankfully on one was hurt in the incident which occurred on Friday                 Read More

Heavy Winds Hit Cranes in Belgium

Heavy Winds Hit Crane1-30-2014 3-59-36 PM

Oekene, Roselare A heavy storm in northern Belgium on Saturday took down two tower cranes at the site of a new hospital in Oekene, Roselare.                                         The scene yesterday The foundations/base Read More

Another Jib Failure in London

Another jib failure in London 1-31-2014 10-23-08 AM

Croydon, London Another Jost tower crane jib collapsed yesterday on a building under construction in Croydon, London during a storm. The crane is working on a new tower block known as the IYLO building. The 20 story building has stood unfinished for some time and is planned to provide low Read More

Another Overturn in Georgetown

Another Overturn in Georgia1-31-2014 9-41-28 AM

 Georgetown, Malaysia A second truck mounted overturn in Georgetown, Malaysia this week resulting in the death of a motorcyclist. The incident occurred earlier today when a telescopic truck mounted lift repairing street lamps lost its balance causing the boom to come down across a main road. A woman on a Read More

Crane Hits Car

Crane Hits Car 1-31-2014 10-07-01 AM

Chelsea, Maine A woman was badly injured when she drove out in front of a crane yesterday in Chelsea, Maine. Police say that Sally Gousse, 76, pulled out of her driveway and into the path of the truck crane, owned by W. H. Green and Sons of nearby Vassalboro. The Read More

Crane Falls off the Back of a Truck

Crane Falls off Truck 1-31-2014 9-57-31 AM

 Liverpool, UK An All Terrain crane slipped off a low loader in Bootle, near Liverpool, UK, earlier today. No one was hurt in the incident. The crane, a Grove GMK, owned by Roadcraft Crane and Plant Hire was in the street outside of the crane company’s premises, where it looks Read More

Crane Slips Off Road

Crane Slips Off Road 1-23-2014 12-44-23 PM

Saint Vallier , East France An All Terrain crane slipped off a narrow country road near Saint Vallier (Charente) in South East France yesterday, recovering it is proving to be something of a challenge. Amazingly the crane did not roll and is balanced precariously on the verge of a raised Read More

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