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Crane Goes Over on Wind Farm

Crane Goes over on Wind Farm 11-22-2013 11-05-33 AM

Düren-Echtz, Germany A 750 ton All Terrain crane overturned yesterday on a wind farm in Germany as it was moving – partially rigged – between turbine installation areas.                         The overturned crane The crane, a new Liebherr LTM 1750-9.1 Read More

Man Rescued from Scissor Lift


 Los Angeles, California A man operating a scissor lift at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday was rescued from a potential crushing incident by quick thinking colleagues. The man, 22, was working near Gate 83 in center of Terminal 8 – the United Airlines gates – when inadvertent operation of the Read More

Crane Fatality in Holland

Crane Fatality in Holland11-22-2013 11-30-26 AM

Gouda, Netherlands A crane operator died this morning in Gouderak, near Gouda, the Netherlands, after the boom of a telescopic crawler crane broke away from the superstructure. The boom twisted sideways and crashed down onto the operators cab crushing the operator.                   Read More

Two Hurt in Crane Incident

Two Hurt11-22-2013 11-47-17 AM

Bissen, Luxembourg Two men were seriously injured last week in the town of Bissen, Luxembourg when a mobile crane boom buckled. We have received very little information, apart from a couple of photographs and the information that it occurred last Monday. We have managed to confirm that an incident did Read More

Three Trapped in Boom Lift

Trapped in Lift 11-14-2013 9-40-46 AM

Greenwich, Connecticut Three men working on a facade had to be rescued from a boom lift on Monday in Greenwich, Connecticut. The machine, a Genie S-85, owned by Hertz Equipment, is said to have malfunctioned, however it was very apparent that the unit, which has a capacity of 227kg was Read More

Crane off the Road

Crane off the Road 11-14-2013 9-33-12 AM

Cognac, South West France A four axle All Terrain crane overturned yesterday on the D-149 near Cognac in South West France. The crane was apparently travelling normally on the busy road when another vehicle overtook and then braked hard, causing the crane driver to swerve. The crane, a Grove owned Read More

Two Hurt in Boom Overturn

Boom Overturn 11-11-2013 3-46-18 PM

Torquay, UK Two men were injured yesterday evening in Torquay, UK after they drove their articulated boom lift over a culvert cover which collapsed under the weight. The two fell around six meters or so and escaped with leg injuries, they have now been released from hospital. The incident occurred Read More

Tower Collapse in Germany

Tower Collapse in Germany 11-11-2013 3-39-26 PM

Dachau, Germany A tower crane collapsed on a construction site in Karlsfeld, just outside of Dachau, Germany on Tuesday. The self-erecting lattice tower crane was said to have been lifting a concrete foundation when it toppled. The operator was controlling the crane from the unit’s remote controls and was not Read More

Drop Load Fatality

Dropped Load Fatality 11-11-2013 2-42-32 PM

London, England We now understand that a man who died on a London construction site on Wednesday was crushed after a concrete stairwell was dropped on him while it was being lifted into position. The incident occurred at the site of the new Francis Crick Institute – medical research center Read More

Another One for the Trees

Another one for the Trees 11-11-2013 4-08-54 PM

Collins, Colorado A three axle All Terrain crane went over in Fort Collins, Colorado yesterday while lifting a tree from the back yard of a home in the town.                           The crane looks to be well set up Read More

Crane On Fire

Crane Caught Fire 11-5-2013 11-37-34 AM

M25 Orbital Rd, UK A mobile tower crane caught fire this morning on London’s M25 orbital road in the UK. The crane looks like a five axle Spierings owned by local crane company City Lifting, and given its blue color, one of the units acquired from K-Lift following its demise. Read More

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