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Fatal Boom Lift Incident in Belgium


Ardooie, Belgium

Two men died this morning after a platform broke away from a boom lift and landed on a passing truck.

The incident occurred early this morning, around 5:30 on a busy high speed stretch of road near the West Flemish town of Ardooie – to the south of Bruges.
Information is still very mixed, but what is clear is that part of the boom lift struck the cab of the truck and that the platform broke away and was apparently carried 50 meters down the road.

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The scene this morning

The passenger in the truck was killed outright, while the man in the platform died later at the scene, the driver of the truck is very seriously injured and still in danger of losing his life.

Reports just coming in from the police suggest that the boom might have been in the process of being unloaded at the time – in the dark – and with no safety warnings or cordoning off was present. Earlier reports suggest that the operator was using the lift and had been unloading material from the platform when it broke free from the boom and landed on the truck cab.

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The detached platform

However the boom, a Genie Z-60/34 owned by rental company ALM, had its boom stowed and photos that we have seen show that the booms chassis and superstructure appears unaffected, and the platform has not been badly damaged, suggesting that the truck ran into the end of the boom/jib just below the platform and the impact ripped it off. What is clear is that the machine was working/being unloaded in the street in the dark without sufficient warning or cordoning off.

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