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Tower Crane Hits Supermarket

Tower Crane Hits Supermarket 12-11-2013 12-50-52 PM

Bad Homburg, Germany A tower crane has collapsed onto an Aldi supermarket in Bad Homburg, Germany killing at least one member of the public. The crane, a regular top slewer owned by BBL Cranes came down around 11:30 this morning hitting the supermarket next door to the large office construction Read More

Fatal Boom Lift Incident in Belgium

Fatal Boom Lift Norway12-12-2013 12-07-01 PM

Ardooie, Belgium Two men died this morning after a platform broke away from a boom lift and landed on a passing truck. The incident occurred early this morning, around 5:30 on a busy high speed stretch of road near the West Flemish town of Ardooie – to the south of Read More

A Lucky Escape in Bergen

Lucky Escape in Bergen12-12-2013 11-33-29 AM

Bergen, Norway The boom of a loader crane collapsed yesterday dropping a skip onto two vehicles in Bergen, Norway – in a street close to the city’s main shopping center. The crane, a Fassi owned by Svanco Transport, was lifting the skip down from the fifth floor of a building Read More

Crane Fatality in Boston

Crane Fatality in Boston 12-11-2013 1-36-54 PM

Boston Massachusetts A man was died after a six ton steel beam arch dropped from an overhead crane at Boston Bridge & Steel yesterday evening. The man – one of four men working in the vicinity at the time – was Marco Antonio Huezo Mancea, 46. Originally from El Salvador Read More

Floating Crane Buckles

Floating Crane Buckles 12-11-2013 1-21-05 PM

Zeeland, Southern Holland A floating crane working on the salvage of a sunken German mine layer from the second world war, collapsed yesterday while attempting to lift the final piece. The crane, owned by De Klerk Waterbouw, was said to be making a 100 tonne lift when an unplanned movement Read More

Train Hits Boom Lift

Train Hits Boom Lift 12-19-2013 11-09-38 AM

 Des Moines Iowa A train slammed into a boom lift that was working on the underside of a bridge near Des Moines Iowa last week, injuring the two men in the platform.                                     Read More

Mobile Tower Crane Over in Netherlands

It looks as though an outrigger might have sunk/punched through the road surface

Nieuwegein, Netherlands A self-erecting mobile tower crane has gone over in a shopping street in Nieuwegein, on the south side of Utrecht in the Netherlands, no one is hurt and damage is relatively minor. The incident occurred just before 8:00 this morning and thankfully the operator was on the ground, Read More

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