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Man Rescued from Scissor Lift


 Los Angeles, California

A man operating a scissor lift at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday was rescued from a potential crushing incident by quick thinking colleagues.

The man, 22, was working near Gate 83 in center of Terminal 8 – the United Airlines gates – when inadvertent operation of the machine caused him to be pinned against an overhead obstacle. While we do not have the precise details we are told that his colleagues were able to use the lower controls on the base of the machine to release him.

The emergency services were called and the man was taken to hospital with minor injuries to his back and torso. Terminal 8 is a relatively small low level gate area, and the scissor lifts used rarely lift more than a meter or two from their stowed position.

Vertikal Comment

While it is unfortunate that this incident occurred at all, what is encouraging is that those below knew exactly what to do in this situation. There have been too many examples in the past of those below struggling to help, while the man above loses his life. It indicates how important it is for those working below to be briefed, and ideally trained on rescue procedures.

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