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Firefighters to the Rescue


Vösendorf, Austria

Another example of fire fighters being called in to rescue men trapped/stranded in a boom lift, rather than using the emergency descent procedures.

Three men were trapped in a boom lift at a height of around 30 meters  in Vösendorf, Austria last night after the machine stopped working. The three were working on the large Dorotheum car auction sign when something caused the JLG Ultra boom to stop.

A supervisor doing his rounds came to the rescue, but instead of using the emergency descent equipment he immediately called the local fire department.

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The fire fighters came to the rescue

Fortunately the volunteer fire fighters in this town to the south of Vienna are well equipped have a 32 meter  Bronto platform and were able to assist. They were already out and about and arrived on the scene promptly and were able to carry out a platform to platform rescue.

Vertikal Comment

What we do not know is whether the machine failed due to running out of fuel, poorly charged batteries and overload or something else. What this incident – along with many others – highlights is the lack of knowledge among those below regarding the emergency descent procedures.

With more large booms on the market, this is an area that needs more attention.

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