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Boom Overturns in Oregon


Eugene Oregon

A man was injured when a 60 ft boom lift overturned in Eugene Oregon on Friday.

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The overturned machine was working on a new roadside electrical installation

The lift, a Genie S-65, owned by Papé Rentals, was working on recently installed roadside electrical equipment with the boom fully retracted and fully elevated when it went over backwards. The site does have underground culverts, but does not appear to have contributed to this incident. It does slope quite steeply though.

Police said that the man was wearing a harness but did land on the ground. He was unconscious when the emergency services arrived. He was taken to hospital, where his condition is unknown.

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The ground does have a number of underground culverts

Vertikal Comment 

Boom lifts like this do not just fall over, given the photos, one cannot but help assume that moving on an excessive slope with the lift in its least stable position was the cause. However the investigation continues.


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