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Crane In The Marina


Cambridgeshire, UK

A four axle All Terrain crane has rolled into a canal in the UK after the piles and road edge gave way near Ely in Cambridgeshire, UK yesterday.

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The crane ended up side down in the water

The crane a 100 ton four axle Terex Demag owned by Milton Keynes based rental company NMT, was driving down the marina to carry out a tandem lift, when the dockside gave way. The operator managed to escape unharmed. The crane was recovered earlier today.

The company says that while access to the lift was tight, the road surface should not have been an issue, but the crane probably came too close to the edge. It says that it is reviewing the incident in order to learn from any mistakes that might have been made.

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The marina bank gave way

In order to recover the crane the company lifted the back end of it clear from the canal bottom and then used recovery wreckers to pull the machine down the marina to a point where it could be lifted clear In a tandem lift.

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A combination of lifting and pulling recovered the waterlogged crane

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Lift and pull


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