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Crushing Incident in Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A bridge inspector lost his life yesterday after he was crushed between the boom lift he was using and a steel bridge beam.

The man, Tripat Mann, 58, reportedly an employee of the MA Beech Group, was inspecting a bridge over the I-279 highway in the north of the city, when something went wrong. He was spotted by a colleague who managed to lower the boom to the ground, a passing state trooper performed CPR on him until the emergency services arrived. He was then rushed to hospital and died later from his injuries.

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The scene after the incident yesterday

Inspectors from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) were on site yesterday afternoon to conduct a full investigation into what happened. The lift was straight boomed JLG with articulated jib, rented in from United Rentals. The bridge is controlled by the Pennsylvania Department of Transport and the inspection work covered a recent repair.


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