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Crane Collapses And Crashes Into Flats In Russia


Kirov, Russia

A huge construction crane has collapsed onto a block of flats in Kirov, Russia, smashing through several floors of the nine-story complex.














Around 250 people live in the building, including 37 children, but despite extensive damage to the outside there were no reports of injuries.

Witnesses described hearing a loud noise and seeing the several ton crane rolling towards them, before it crashed into their flats.













Tenants reportedly ran into the hallways for shelter as the crane tore through balconies at the front of building.

Seven cars parked outside were badly damaged, one was said to have been crushed into a “shapeless heap of metal”.














One resident told reporters: “We were in the kitchen and heard a loud rattle.

“Later, in the window … a nearby construction crane bent down and began to fall directly on us, on the balcony. We ran to hide in the hallway.”

The accident was reported at 5.50 pm on Sunday in the small town, about 1,000 km north-east of Moscow.

Ambulances, fire engines and police officers rushed to the scene.

The regional Emergencies Ministry is investigating claims the crane was not properly secured and broke free from its mooring in strong winds.

Another Kirov resident said: “The wind was quite strong and right in front of my eyes the crane started rolling down the rail towards the house.

“It drove for about 100 meters and then collided with the limiter and fell on the nearby nine-story block house. It fell on a car, you can’t see the car on the video, the rest of the crane smashed the balconies and other cars parked outside.

“When we came to take a closer look, we saw that the cranes nearby kept working. It looks like the fall of a neighboring crane didn’t scare them at all. Local channels reported that the crane was swinging and then fell, but I saw it and it was rolling for quite long and then fell. I didn’t film the actual moment unfortunately.”


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