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Crane Collapse Two Workers Killed


New York, NY

Rescue lights illuminate the scene of Friday’s crane collapse. Two construction workers were killed when a crane snapped and smashed into an apartment building.
















For the second time in 11 weeks, a deadly crane collapse prompted concern among New Yorker’s over the safety of construction sites around the city.

The crane toppled and collapsed onto a high-rise apartment building on East 91st Street on the Upper East Side on Friday morning.
















The crane, which was being used for a construction project at 354 East 91st Street, snapped apart moments after 8 a.m.

The wreckage from the crane lay in the intersection, where a camp of ambulances, fire trucks and police personnel sprang up minutes afterward.
















The falling crane The falling crane tore off balconiesĀ tore off balconies and rained broken brick and shattered glass onto the street below.

The cab of the crane smashed into the top floor of the building, about 20 stories up, and fell down the north facade, knocking off balconies and leaving a swath of pockmarks.and rained broken brick and shattered glass onto the street below.


One pedestrian was treated for a minor injury and released, the mayor said. Traffic was blocked off in a 20-block area around the accident and seven nearby buildings with 160 apartments were evacuated.

When the crane fell, frightened tenants inside the building that was struck, the Electra at 354 East 91st Street, scrambled to reach the street as walls collapsed and burst pipes began to spew water.
A rescue dog search debris for victims after a construction crane collapse at 91st Street and 1st Avenue on New York City’s Upper East Side. The accident occurred just two months after another crane collapsed on the East Side, which killed seven and prompted an extensive review of the safety of cranes in the city.

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