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Crane Overturns While Driving in UK


Antrobus, UK

We finally have details of the crane that overturned in the UK last week, a 120 tonne five axle All Terrain on a road in Antrobus, south of Warrington.

The crane, a four axle Terex AC120 belonging to Select Plant, looks as though it struck the soft verge of the road as it took a bend and rolled into the hedge. The incident happened last Wednesday but details and this photo was only received today.

Crane Rolls Over While Driving

We understand that no one was hurt in the incident which looks as though it is different from the usual soft verge collapses on small secondary roads the risk of which has been compounded by heavy rain and waterlogged ground conditions. There have been a number of those incidents in the UK, Germany and the USA this year, possibly compounded by the number of large cranes travelling down small country roads to wind farms?

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