Crane Accidents

Boom Overhang Rips Minibus Roof Off


Chalong, Thailand

A full mini bus struck the overhanging boom of a Rough Terrain crane that was reversing into a side street in Thailand this morning but thankfully and amazingly, no one was seriously hurt although they were taken to hospital with cuts and bruises.

Crane Rips Minibus Top Off

The incident occurred in Chalong, to the south west of Phuket, the mini bus was one of the many used as a tour bus and was full of overseas tourists – mostly Russian. The bus must have struck the crane’s hook block and its roof then caught on the boom nose of the Tadano crane, the boom of which been left stowed so that it projected over the road by around a metre.

Thailand Crane Accident

Before the bus driver was able to bring the vehicle to a stop the boom nose had ripped the roof off his bus.

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