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Crane Crushes Fanciest Car in the Lot


Gits, Belgium

An All Terrain crane overturned onto a rare car last week in Gits, Belgium – to the south of Brugge. Thankfully no one was injured or hurt in the incident.

car gets crushed by crane

The crane, a 110 tonne Tadano Faun ATF 110G-5 owned by Mather crane hire of Ardooie was lifting a 12.5 tonne 85,000 litre underground fuel storage tank into a four metre deep excavation at the site of a new service station when it went over.

The cranes boom came down on a 2008 Jaguar XKR-S coupe, said to be one of only 200 built for the European market, and also damaged a BMW 630i. The cars below to a car dealership on the adjoining property.

The crane was short rigged with outrigger jacks down and beams retracted, no outrigger mats were used and it was rigged with partial counterweight – from the photo it looks like 8.7 or possibly 11 tonnes of the crane’s maximum 35 tonnes. It seems to be a clear case of overloading and possibly the incorrect input data on the rated load indicator.

crane overturns in belgium

Mather was founded in 1962 and builds, sells, rents and repair trailers, it also has a crane rental division with a fleet of seven mobile cranes topped by the ATF110G. The service station is being constructed for Desimpel Energy.

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