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Crane Wheel Falls in Hole


Hilversum, Netherlands

A man using in boom lift in Hilversum, the Netherlands had a lucky escape yesterday after a wheel of his machine dropped into a void.

boom lift falls in hole1

The man was operating the Genie S-85* – rented from Gunco – just off of a busy road, working at a height of around 13 metres or so when one of the front wheels punched through the block surface and into a large void.

boom lift falls in hole 2

The machine, which weighs over 16 tonnes*, tipped over sideways, with the counterweight coming to rest on the ground, while the platform landed in a tree.

boom lift falls in hole3

The operator did not appear to have been wearing a harness and was very lucky in the way the lift fell and the fact that it was cushioned in the branches of the tree.

boom lift falls in hole4

He was later rescued by the fire service using a rescue platform.

boom lift falls in hole5

The machine was extracted from its hole by a large wrecker with loader crane and appeared to be relatively undamaged. A lucky escape all round.

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