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Spider Flips in Belgium


Menem, Belgium

Two men jumped clear of a spider lift as it overturned in Menem, Belgium yesterday, they are said to have suffered from leg fractures of some kind.

Spider Tips Over in Belgium 2012

The men were working on roof repairs in what looks like an Italmec R14 or R16 supplied by Alti.

According to the men’s employer, building renovations company Hendrik Deryckere, the accident was caused by their failure to properly set the machines outriggers after having relocated it.

Both the R14 and R16, which are no longer in production, have a reduced capacity beyond four metres and this unit was clearly well into that 120kg maximum capacity range. Two men even little ones would certainly have exceeded that – add poor outrigger set up and it is easy to understand how this occurred.

The two jumped as the lift began to go and landed on the roof of an adjoining home, causing their injuries. The cage was crushed in the fall so their move might have been for the best? Although they may well have escaped with severe bruising rather than broken legs?

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