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Crane in Germany Slips Off Road


Wöhrden Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

An eight axle All Terrain crane overturned last week on a wind farm in Wöhrden Schleswig-Holstein, northern Germany.

Crane Accident Germany 2012

The crane, a Liebherr owned and operated by crane and heavy transport company Regel, was rigged with counterweight, jib and Y-Guy suspension system. It slipped off the road while the operator was moving between locations and was reversing. Heavy rains had exasperated the situation, the operator was slightly injured.

Crane Accident Germany 2012 (3)

Two large cranes were brought in, along with several truck-loads of hardcore and large outrigger mats, to rescue the fallen crane.

Crane Accident Germany 2012 (2)

Those involved blamed time and cost pressures involved with turbine erection work along with the heavy rains and narrow roads in the area.

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