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Window Cleaner Falls 17 Floors to His Death in Bahrain



A window cleaner fell 17 floors to his death at the end of May after a cable failed on his suspended platform in Bahrain.

The man Mohammed Shafique Siddique, 48, a Pakistani national was cleaning the windows of the Al Rossais Tower in Manāma when the cable snapped, throwing him out of the platform as one side of the cradle dropped suddenly. He was not wearing a harness or any other form of safety equipment. He died as soon as he hit the road below, an investigation is on-going.

Siddiqui was employed by Alia Buildings for over 20 years, the company said that he was not covered by its insurance scheme as he had violated the terms of employment, suggesting that he had been working for other companies in his spare time, which is illegal.

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