Crane Accidents

Harnesses Save Workers Lives


Calgary, Canada

Two men were saved by their harnesses after one side of a suspended platform collapsed while they were working on a 20 storey building in Calgary, Canada earlier this week.

The two were inspecting tiles on the side of the Elveden Centre on 7th Avenue Southwest when it appears the cable on the right side failed, causing the platform to hang down on the remaining cable. The platform’s occupants dropped with the platform, but fortunately were wearing harnesses and lanyards. They were left hanging in the air for more than an hour before the fire crew helped them down with the use of a truck mounted aerial lift.

Workers Saved by Harness

The two men, believed to be in their 50’s, were relatively unharmed, although they were taken to hospital as a precaution. Few details are available as to what exactly caused the incident. A full investigation is being carried out in order to determine the cause.

Workers Saved by Harnesses

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