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Five Axle AT Overturns in CA


Orange County, CA

A 240 ton five axle All Terrain crane overturned at a rental company in Orange County, California this morning. The crane, a Grove GMK5240 owned by Crane Rental Service overturned at its yard in West Collins avenue while being tested or inspected.

240 Ton Overturns Orange County, CA 2012

The crane’s boom was fully extended and the outriggers fully set, when the unit tipped over the back, the boom nose struck the ground, causing the boom to buckle. The operator was thrown through the superstructure cab windscreen, falling around three metres to the ground, however the operator declined any medical attention.

240 Ton Overturns Orange County, CA 2012 (2)

As to how it happened, we do not know for sure, but the crane was not fitted with counterweight, and the boom was probably reaching a critical angle, depending on what was on the hook at the time. It was being tested or inspected when it went over.

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