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Crane Fatality in Wisconsin


Green Bay, Wisconsin

A man died on Friday after he was pinned under a crawler crane boom that gave way as it was being unloaded on Highway 41 near Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Crawler Crane's Boom Crushes Man Wisconsin 2012

The state police and Wisconsin Department of Transportation are investigating the incident along with OSHA. While it is clear that the man, 58, was pinned under the boom, it is not quite clear how it happened. However various statements from officials at the scene suggest that the crane was being unloaded at the time and was rigged with a short boom for transport.

As the crane, an American Hoist 5299, came off the trailer the top pins and pendant pins appear to have given way causing the boom to drop/pivot around the base section. The dead man must have been under the boom at the time.

Man Killed  Under Crawler Crane Boom 2012

A truck was standing by with additional boom sections, so the crew may well have been in the process of removing the boom tip from the base at the time, this is a lot more logical that the comments regarding unloading.

The man is employed by Lunda Construction of Black River Falls, whom we also understand owns the crane. The crane operator was fine, although badly shaken.

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