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Ground Zero World Trade Center Crane Accident


New York City

Hoist Snaps at World Trade Center 2012

The cord of a crane hoisting a pile of huge steel beams hundreds of feet in the air snapped during construction at the Ground Zero World Trade Center site Thursday, causing hundreds of workers to scramble to safety.

Hoist Snaps at World Trade Center 2012 (2)

What appears to be steel high-beams fell at about 9:56 a.m. at the WTC site in downtown Manhattan. The steel high-beams, attached to a crane perched on top of a massive new tower building under construction at the site, plummeted to the ground when the crane cable snapped. The accident occurred near Cortlandt Street and Church Street, near the site of the 9/11 memorial.

Fire trucks, emergency response vehicles and several police cars arrived on the scene within minutes, and the site of the crane collapse was quickly roped off.

Crane Drops Steel Slabs WTC 2012

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