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Crane accidents are reportedly among the most common construction site mishaps.

Every year, there are an average of two or three crane accidents in Michigan and enough around the world to attract a lot of attention.

All you have to do is search on the web for ” crane accidents” and you get 22 million results.

24 Hour News 8 found that crane crashes even have their own website, which lists the latest mishaps from around the world.

Results from the search brought up: “Crawler crane collapsed due to poor set up”, “Workman rescued after crane flips backward” and “Crane collapse kills five in China.”

There is also a lot of video of crane accidents from all over the world.

The latest stats on are from 2002 showing 171 accidents that year.

More recent numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show a 2008 study found deaths due to crane accidents averaging around 78 a year.

Recent numbers just listing deaths in the structural steel and precast concrete industry shows significant fewer – just 16 in 2010.  But that might be related to the recession depressing the construction industry rather than improved safety.

There have been a number of crane accidents in the recent past in West Michigan as well.

In May of 2010, a man escaped death when the crane he was operating toppled over and nearly fell into Muskegon Lake. Then in March of 2009, a crane flipped onto its side in downtown Grand Rapids. There was a deadly accident in Barry County back in 2004 when a man was killed after the crane he was operating fell into a gravel pit he was dredging and he was trapped under water.

24 Hour News 8 also discovered several websites put up by personal injury lawyers offering to bring cases on behalf of people injured in crane accidents.

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