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Crane Operator Death Wish Czech Republic 2012Sent in by a reader in the Czech Republic [by source], an example of how truck mounted lifts are used in a totally inappropriate manner. The practice involves the holding up or lifting of high tension overhead power lines over the open highway.

The practice is best described in the words of our correspondent:

“Here are pictures of a common practice in this part of the world, I have come across much worst examples of this particular practice, but have never had a camera with me at the time.”

“Basically when putting up new power lines, the companies always use truck mounted platforms to lift the cables over the road, so that the traffic can continue uninterrupted. Once I actually saw them using two 28 metre truck mounts to lift power lines over the very busy six lane D1 motorway just north of Bratislava.”

“I see several problems here. Firstly they shouldn’t be using a platform for lifting anything other than people. Secondly there is absolutely nothing stopping the cables from slipping off of the platforms, and coming down on top of the traffic. Thirdly, they actually use the truck mounts to hold the cables clear of the traffic while they are getting ready to hoist the cables up on the nearby pylons.”

“However, what I would really be afraid of is that something gives way while they are hoisting or connecting the cables to the pylons, and several hundreds of metres of cable could come crashing down at once, overloading the aerial lifts and overturning them as well”

Most definitely a classic Death Wish.

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