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Construction Workers’ Families Reach Settlements in Fatal 2008 Crane Accident


Manhattan, New York

Manhattan Crane Accident of 2008The families of six construction workers who died in a March 2008 crane accident on E. 51st St. have agreed on a financial settlement.

But the details of how much they got are being kept secret for the time being because of a court ruling Thursday.

Seven people — six workers and a tourist — died in the accident, which occurred as riggers were lifting a six ton steel collar. When a support strap snapped, the collar fell, bringing
down the crane and flattening a brownstone. Twenty-four people were hurt and 18 homes in the area were evacuated.

Even though a rigger was acquitted of manslaughter in the case, lawsuits abounded and the first ones settled involved workers Wayne Bleidner, Anthony Mazza, Santy Gallone, Brad Cohen, Clifford Canzona and Aaron Stephens.

Over the objections of the construction companies, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Carol Edmead ruled last month that there was no longer a need to keep the wrongful death settlements secret and that disclosing the numbers could help settle other cases in mediation.

But the construction companies persuaded the Appellate Division on Thursday to delay implementation of Edmead’s ruling, arguing that disclosing the figures would jeopardize settlement talks.

The Appellate Division ruled the payments could stay secret until it heard full arguments on the issue.

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