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Construction Worker Hurt During Crane Accident


Milam, Texas

The construction trade is fraught with danger. Nearly all construction workers are injured on the job at some point, and some fatally. A recent accident reminds all of us that Texas construction site dangers abound.

A 49-year-old man was working at a construction site off County Road 135 in Milam County near Burlington, TX when he was struck by a falling object. The worker was positioned under a crane when a pulley block broke loose from the crane, striking the man. Three officers with the Texas Highway Patrol were first on the scene, followed shortly by EMS personnel and the Cameron and Burlington Fire Departments.

Initial reports indicate that a cable on the crane pulley system broke loose, causing the block to fall and hit the worker. The man was taken by helicopter to Scott and White Hospital in Temple, where he was treated for undisclosed injuries. Witnesses report that the injured worker was conscious at the scene of the accident.

Falling objects are an all too common cause of on-the-job injuries in Texas. On a construction site, falling objects, from building materials to heavy equipment, are a serious hazard. Injuries related to falling objects include cuts and lacerations, head injuries and broken bones.

The staff and attorneys at Guajardo & Marks hope that the injured worker is well on his way to making a full recovery.

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