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Construction Crane Flips While Working Near I-75


Fort Myers, Florida

Boom Truck Tips Skyward Fort Myers Florida 2011LEE COUNTY, Fla.- A large boom truck upended, flipping the 10-wheeler skyward in North Fort Myers on Tuesday.

UPDATE 7:34 PM: The crane truck is now back on the ground, crews are working to clear the scene entirely.

The accident occurred at Bayshore Road, next to the I-75 overpass. Multiple crane trucks have worked for hours to get the truck right side up.

The boom truck flipped around 11:15 a.m. on Tuesday, as crews worked to remove a lightpole right beside the I-75 Bayshore Rd on-ramp.

That light pole ended up snapping from its base, and flipping the boom truck on its rear edge, so the drivers seat was pointed skyward.

Luckily, the mess narrowly missed interstate traffic, and the truck operator managed to escape unharmed.

The truck’s company, Naples-based I-Tran Partners, Inc. is releasing very few details on how exactly this happened, but they’re hoping to have the scene cleared late Tuesday afternoon.

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