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Loader Accidents in Austria


Vösendorf, Austria

Crane Tips Over in Russia 2011

On Monday a truck driver was using his loader crane to unload window frames in Vösendorf near Vienna when it toppled over and landed on a minivan and the front of a passing car. A woman and six year old child in the car were unhurt, but a bystander was caught under the crane and had to be rescued. He was airlifted to hospital where he was reported to be in serious condition.

Crane Unloading Window Frames Outriggers StowedFrom the photograph that we have been sent, it looks as though the large crane was lifting with its outriggers stowed.

Then yesterday the boom and jib of a loader crane literally snapped off as it was lifting a pallet of old roof tiles from the side of a house in Amstetten, Lower Austria. The broken part of the boom along with its jib/upper boom fell onto a scaffold that ran along the side of the house on which four men were working.


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