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Crane Collapse Shuts Down Local Businesses


Lake Mary, Florida

Crane Tips from Tree Florida 2011Some Seminole County business owners can’t go to work Tuesday after a crane fell into their building Monday night. The business owners are upset and anxious, and wondering when they will be able to reopen.

Inspectors were on the scene Tuesday trying to determine if the building is even safe.

The 70-foot crane fell when the operator was trying to remove a large tree. It landed on the building near Country Club Boulevard and Crystal Lake Avenue in Lake Mary. It took nine hours to get the crane upright.

The crane left a huge hole in the second floor of the old brick building. Police told WFTV there are some serious structural problems, and even some electrical issues, that could keep the building off limits to anyone for at least a week.

The tree is still there, but they have since towed away the 30-ton crane. The fire chief in Lake Mary told WFTV the big tree was too heavy for the crane and caused it to come crashing down, slamming into the building.

WFTV talked to a man Tuesday who says he was inside his wife’s store, in the building, when it happened.

“The building shook and I hit the floor. Shortly after, I heard another boom. Ran out to look out the back window and I see this crane down,” eyewitness Ernie Morse told WFTV.

Morse’s wife’s business, and all the others there, including a florist and a barber shop, were still closed Tuesday afternoon; one frustrated owner told WFTV she doesn’t know when they’ll be able to reopen.

Police say the crane operator drove from the scene on his own right after the accident and took himself to a hospital, but police said he was not seriously hurt.

The job was being done by Sun State Trees, a fairly well-known business. WFTV could not reach the owner, but police say OSHA is also investigating exactly what happened.

Crane collapse investigation continues:

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