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Worker Killed in Burnaby Crane Accident



A 55-year-old Port Moody construction worker died in a Friday afternoon crane accident in North Burnaby.

The accident occurred around 4:15 p.m. at a construction site on Dunlop Avenue, near Charles Street, not far from Aubrey Elementary.

A crane operator was using a truck to deliver lumber, including a larger lumber beam, to the house under construction when the accident occurred.

According to WorkSafe B.C. spokesperson Donna Freeman, as the beam was being positioned into or onto the house, the beam dropped.

The construction worker was found breathing but unresponsive near the end of the crane and the operator was thrown to the ground.

The Port Moody man was taken to Vancouver General Hospital to be treated for his injuries, but he passed away later on Friday evening.

The crane operator was shaken but sustained only minor injuries. Freeman added that another worker was hurt and suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

WorkSafe B.C. will now investigate the cause of the accident.

Freeman said the crane was dismantled on Saturday and taken off-site to be looked at by investigators.

In addition, an independent structural engineer was scheduled to be at the site Monday to assess the extent of the damage to the house.

“We can’t send our investigators into the building until we can be assured that the building is safe,” said Freeman.

Freeman said investigators will be talking to surviving workers and witnesses, as well as examining the equipment on the site, as they look into what caused the fatal accident.

“This could take months or even years,” said Freeman. “We do know that this is a serious incident in which one person died and two people were hurt.”

As for the construction site, it will remain closed down until WorkSafe B.C. deems it safe and investigators have collected all the evidence they need.

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