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Construction Crane Sinks Into the Water Spilling Hazardous Oil


Juno Beach, Florida

Crane Sinks in Accident 2010A sinking crane caused a scare in Juno Beach Tuesday morning.

The crane was repairing boat docks in the Intracoastal Waterway in Bert Winters Park when it tipped over.

Fuel spilled into the Intracoastal Waterway, but the Fish and Wildlife Commission says the spill was minimal and doesn’t appear to be dangerous.

The crane, owned by Dolphin Marine Coast Incorporated, is used to repair boat docks.

Workers say an unfinished welding job started a chain of events that led to the crane listing sideways, leaking oil.

“They never finished it, they left it open in the front and what happened is I guess when the wake came in, the water just poured in,” said Dolphin Marine Coast employee Rick Walls.

Crews were trying to lift what was considered a normal workload Tuesday when things got out of control.

A concrete pillar caused the crane to sink.

Crews put it on an unbalanced part of the crane, causing it to tip into the water.

No one was hurt and with part of the dock carrying the crane left open and unwelded, Dolphin Marine Coast feels lucky the crane didn’t sink completely.

Walls said, “Well it’s better. It’s just a lot of wasted time.”

The Fish and Wildlife Commission says Dolphin Marine Coast will be ticketed for registration and safety violations.

An on scene officer says the oil spilled didn’t appear to be serious but it was reported to Department of Environmental Protection.

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