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Crane Falls Onto House


Akron, Ohio

Crane Falls on House Akron Ohio 2010When Tracy Brubaker decided to have the 125 foot Poplar tree cut down behind her Akron home her friend Ed Serdinak said he wanted to be there to see it.

But Tracy called Ed Tuesday to say don’t rush.  “She called me before I got here to say they cut the tree too low and now the crane won’t lift it so they’re stuck,” he said.  “They ordered another crane.”

With about a half hour to kill before the new crane arrived Ed and Tracy grabbed a bite to eat but it was when they were walking back to the South Pershing Avenue home near West Market, that Ed says it happened.

“As we get oh like a hundred feet away we see the crane start tipping and they’re yelling,” he recalled.  “The crane driver jumps out of the crane and the crane goes up in the air and this horrendous roar. ”

The weight caused the crane to slice through the attic and second floor like a knife.  “I stopped dead in my tracks and I looked at Tracy,” said Serdinak, “she was just distraught, it was awful.”

It took around six hours for crews to stabilize the crane and lift it upright off the home and work began immediately to cover the roof.

Eerily though Ed Serdinak recalled the conversation he and Tracy Brubaker had hours earlier before the accident.   “She said well what’s going to happen if this crane lets loose? And I said well it’s probably going to go through the roof and you’ll get a new house.”

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