Crane Accidents

Crane Crashes into House in Gladesville


NSW, Australia

Fire Emergency services were rushed to the scene of an accident involving a 35 Tonne crane in Hepburn Ave, Gladesville around 8am this morning.

Reports were received that the mobile crane rolled back and hit a car in a laneway running off Hepburn Avenue.

The crane continued into a two-storey house, damaging the fence and brick structure.

An elderly female occupant was inside the house when the impact occurred. Ambulance treated her for shock and she is now being comforted by loved ones.

Local Police are taking statements and investigating the accident.

The specialist NSW Fire Brigade Major Structural Collapse & Urban Search and Rescue Unit “USAR1” arrived at 9:50am to assess the integrity of the building and works have now been carried out to ensure no collapse takes place.

The laneway has been closed and barriers installed to prevent cars crashing into·the newly constructed support beams.

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