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Crane Topples at Downtown Columbus Construction Site



Crane Topples in Columbus 2010Three people have been injured in an accident involving a crane at a downtown Columbus construction site Tuesday morning.

The crane is on its side near Town and Third Streets, at the former City Center site.  The mall was demolished and the site is in the process of being converted to a park.

The crane is used to move cement. It has a boom that extends anywhere from 100′ – 150′.

Columbus Fire Battalion Chief Dave Whiting says it appears one of the crane’s supports was set down on an underground drain pipe.

“It looks like the weight of that broke through and that caused the crane to tip over,” he said.

Two of the construction workers were taken to Grant Medical Center, a third was taken to Mt. Carmel West. All appeared to have suffered fractured legs or ankles when they became tangled in rebar.

Safety crews are also checking the stability of an underground parking garage after a crack was discovered in a wall. Whiting says they are not letting vehicles in, but are allowing people to remove their cars if they want.

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