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Crane Collapses onto Wires and Home


Sarasota, Florida

Crane Collapses on Wires Sarasota Florida 2010

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A crane being used on a bridge replacement project collapsed and fell onto power lines and a home Monday night, causing an electrical outage for about 1,400 homes near the intersection of Lockwood Ridge Road and Webber Street.

When the crane toppled, a generator hanging from a large hook attached to the boom of the crane crashed into a nearby home. But after firefighters broke in the door of the home in the 3100 block of Goldenrod Street, it was determined no one was home.

No one was injured in the collapse that happened around 9 p.m. near a drainage canal known as Bermuda Creek that runs east to west and crosses under Lockwood Ridge Road just south of Rose Street.

Neighbors said the crane collapsed to the west after it was driven up to the canal and the driver rolled over a water main, causing a leak that softened the ground. The crane landed on power lines that held it up at a 45-degree angle.

The generator and hook crashed through the roof of the home near the corner of Goldenrod and Lockwood Ridge.

Crane Collapses onto Wires Sarasota Florida 2010 (2)The power outage left the neighborhood dark, and roads in the area were blocked by authorities from several agencies that responded, including Florida Power & Light, Sarasota County and the sheriff’s department.

Officials appeared ready to secure the crane in place Monday night and try to right the boom and clean up the situation on Tuesday morning.

Neighbors said they heard a popping sound before the collapse. Many residents stood outside and watched as emergency crews worked to make the area safe Monday night.

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