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Tower Crane Breaks up in Shenzhen, Death toll up to 6


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Death toll of the tower crane breaking accident in a building in process in Shenzhen has gone up to six. The manufacturer side said the main reason of this accident is the malpractice by none-specialized person.

On the afternoon of December 28, a tower crane breaking accident occurred at a building in process named “Phoenix Huayuan” locating at Fuyong Street, Baoan District Shenzhen. Five workers were found dead and one worker was seriously hurt in the accident. According to the report, the rescuers found another person dead yesterday afternoon, and the death toll went up to 6 persons.

It’s said that the tower crane is manufactured by a company named “Guangxi Construction Machinery”, whose chief officer said it was not a specialized person who was operating the tower crane when the accident happened, the crane lifted 3- ton weight while its maximum capacity is 2 tons, and the operator pushed down the “pause” switch during the lifting which directly cause this accident.

According to the report, the five persons died in the accident came from Sichuan, Hunna and Guangxi respectively with ages between 21 and 30. One of the five from Sichuan was planning to ask for a leave to go back home for his new born daughter.

The only survivor is a 31-year-old worker named Lu Jia, who has been sent to Baoan People’s Hospital. His condition has turned better.

Currently, the cause of this tower crane breaking accident is still under investigation. Some insider analyzes that there are three reasons causing the accident, that are improper installation, malpractice and unqualified tower crane base.

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